Saving Christmas, one ornament at a time.

Ornament Anchors are ornament hangers that are specially designed to make sure your Christmas ornaments won't fall off the tree. All of your special memories collected and passed down through generations like Baby’s First Christmas, Wedding Keepsakes, Mementos from vacations & heirloom ornaments passed down from loved ones will now be safe from breaking. Keep your ornaments safe year after year with Ornament Anchors.

Why it Works

Dogs? Cats? Toddlers? Vacuuming? Tips & bumps? Traditional ornament hangers only drape or hook over a branch- leaving precious ornaments at risk. With Ornament Anchor, sentimental ornaments no longer have to be left up to chance. Ornament Anchor's patent-pending loop and pull secures ornaments safely in place. 

Protect your ornaments from

Bumps & Tips


Playful Cats

Kids & Toddlers

Curious Dogs



FACT: each year the average person breaks 3 ornaments.

Ornament Anchor keeps ornaments in place, making sure they're secure.


Traditional wire ornament hangers and ribbons only drape or hook over a branch- 

leaving precious ornaments at risk.

Ornament Anchor's patent-pending loop & pull secures ornaments safely in place. 


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